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The founders and partners of this Law Firm are attorney-at-law/bankruptcy administrator Birutė Strimaitytė and attorney-at-law/bankruptcy administrator Marija Bartaševičiūtė.

The main aim of our Law Firm is to strive for the best results of legal decisions. In order to provide thorough professional assistance to our customers we co-operate with business and tax consultants, auditors, legal institutions (notaries, bailiffs) and debt collection companies.

Our Law Firm's attorneys-at-law are licensed bankruptcy administrators who perform bankruptcy procedures. Therefore, the distinctive feature of our Law Firm is the ability to provide a complex assistance in both fields: legal and economic. The qualification in the bankruptcy administration provides experience in representing clients‘ interests in the bankruptcy procedures, preparing procedural documents for debt collection, contesting the meeting of debtors, bankruptcy administrator or courts' decisions and resolutions.

The gained experience, qualification and accumulated knowledge in this specific field enable to provide a cost-effective legal and bankruptcy administration services.

We believe the assistance of the attorney-at-law must be linked with the professionalism and unconditional compliance with the professional ethics and respect for the client.

Practice areas

Attorneys-at-law of the Law Firm provide legal assistance in civil, criminal and administrative cases. Our Attorneys-at-law provide practical advice and assistance to private individuals as well as business customers. Business customers are usually provided with complex legal services, including but not limited to preparation of procedural documents and representation in courts of all instances. Work experience in this field proceeds providing legal assistance constantly or having one-off orders.

Legal assistance

  • Consulting;
  • Preparation of procedural documents – contracts, agreements, legal conclusions, lawsuits, complaints, applications, documentation for cases;
  • Representation in courts of all instances, investigation authorities, countries, municipalities and other institutions, companies or organizations;
  • Bankruptcy administration;
  • Representation of creditors, shareholders, debtors;
  • Legal mediation representing clients' interests in negotiations in various organizations and institutions.